Test Equipment For Use With Your Racal Gear.

I am often asked what test equipment is best for use with Racal Gear.

Well how long is a piece of string......? What I have included here may give you an idea of what to lookout for at Rallies and Hamfests. With the exception of the CT501 most of the items listed are readily available at the above events , if you go to enough of them..! and can be purchased relatively cheaply.

Sure most modern equipment can be used to bring your pride and joy up to spec but, unless you have a lot of money or a kind employer, most test gear is out of the reach of the average Racal owner. The kit listed here, although old, is of "professional" quality and, with a bit of time and patience can be repaired ,if needed, and brought up to spec by any one competent enough to work on their own Racal's.

This is NOT a section on Racal made test gear .There is far too much of that to list here.

CT501 Wobbulator
CT471 Electronic Multimeter
CT160 Avo Valve Tester
Marconi TF2008 Signal Generator
Marconi TF893A AF Power Meter
Wiltron 610D Sweep Generator

A list of Racal Type Numbers

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