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Supplement To Racal Type numbers

I have added this section to help identify the variations in the More Common Racal units to be found.I have further info here on many other type numbers, they will be added as and when I get time.

I would like to thank John Whitehouse G6LJU for his considerable effort in supplying me the info used on this page.

RA17B Four Bandwidth Model of RA17
RA17C American Style RA17
RA17C-2 Canadian Army Model with modified BFO and MHZ drive otherwise as RA17C-3
RA17C-3 Standard American style model with silicon power rectifiers and 75 ohm wideband termination.
RA16C-5 As RA17C-3 but with +- 6khz BFO range
RA17C-6 As for RA17C-3 with double tuned circuits and AVC in RF Stage
RA17C-7 RA17C-6 partially converted to UNF screw threads
RA17C-8 RA17C-3 with time delay compensated I.F circuits
RA17C-9 RA17C-3 for use in RA78B
RA17C-10 Built to special order only ????
RA17C-11 Built to special order only RA17C-3 with time delay compensated I.F Bandwidth of 1.2 , 3 , 8 ,khz plus additional I.F output of 5 khz bandwidth
RA17C-12 Standard American style RA17 mk3, UNF threads throughout ,1w A.F out.
RA17C-13 Special order only, As RA17C-12 but with pentode RF stage and dial brake on MHZ control.
RA17C-14 Special order only Broadcast version of RA17C-12 with bandwidths of 1.2 , 3 , 5 , 7 , 9 , and 13 khz
RA17C-15 Special order only RA17C-12 modified for use with MA78B
RA17C-16 RA17C-12 modified for Dutch Army
RA17C-16/1 Special for Netherlands
RA17C-17 As RA17C-12 modified for use with MA257
RA17C-18 RA17C-12 with time delay compensated I.F bandwidths of 1.2 , 3 , 6.5 , and 13 khz and additional I.F output 5-8 khz bandwidth
RA17C- 19 RA17C-12 modified for use with RA78D and RA66
RA17C-26  Modified RA17C-12 for use with RA66
RA17D American style receivers with 13 khz bandwidth in place of 3khz
RA17E RA17 receiver 13 khz bandwidth in place of 3 khz
RA17F&G RA17 mk2 with 6ba6 compensated I.F circuits
RA17H RA17 with time compensated delay I.F circuits
 RA17J RA17 double tuning in AVC and RF stages
 RA17K RA17 mk2 for use with RA78
 RA17L Standard British version of RA17 mk3
 RA17L-2 RA17L with UG aerial socket
 RA17L-3 RA17L with Thorn Pigmy connector
 RA17L-4 RA17L modified for use with MA1350A
 RA17L-5 RA17L modified for use with MA1350A and RA66B ( RA17C-25)
 RA17L-6 Modified RA17L for use with RA66 by addition of MA251
 RA17N Special version with 1.6 mhz IF stage and coupling facilities for use with MA143
 RA17P Broadcast version of RA17L with bandwidths of 1.2 , 3 ,5 ,7 ,9 and 13 khz
 RA17R RA17L modified for use in RA78
 RA17R-1 RA17R modified for use with RA66B by addition of MA251 supplementary to mods to operate in MA78
 RA17T As RA17L but with IF bandwidths of 200hz, 500hz, 1.2 , 2 , 4 ,13 khz also IF/RF Gain control is disabled when AGC is switched on.(Special mod)
 RA17U RA17L modified for use with MA257
 RA17W As RA17L but with IF bandwidth of 200hz, 500hz, 1.2, 2 , 4, 13 khz also IF/RF Gain control is disabled when AGC is switched on.(Special mod)
RA63A SSB Adaptor (100kHz input).
RA63B North American Version
RA63C SSB Adaptor 455 khz input
RA63D SSB adaptor 100 khz input Crystal Controlled
RA63E SSB Adaptor (455kHz input) (RA63/A/RA73).
RA63F Not allocated.
RA63H Ruggedized version of RA63B
RA63G Ruggedized version of RA63A
RA63K Ruggedized version of RA63D
RA63L Ruggedized version of RA63E
RA63M Ruggedized version of RA63C
RA66 Panoramic Adaptor for RA17
RA66B Panoramic adaptor for RA17 and Mufax Recorder
RA66B-1 RA66B modified with American Valves, plugs, sockets
RA78A /B Frequenct measuring receiver (RA17/SA21/SA77)
RA78A-1 Frequenct measuring receiver (RA17C-15/RA137D/SA21/SA77)
RA78G Frequenct measuring receiver (RA17R/SA53C/SA77)
RA78H Frequenct measuring receiver (RA17C-15/SA53C/SA77)
RA78J Frequenct measuring receiver (RA17R/RA137C/SA535C/SA77)
RA78K Frequenct measuring receiver (RA17C-15/RA137D/SA535C/SA77)
RA78L Frequenct measuring receiver (RA17C-15/RA237D/SA535C/SA77)
RA78M Frequenct measuring receiver (RA17R/RA237D/SA77/SA535C)
MA79A Universal Transmitter Drive Unit with internal 1 mhz standard
MA79 A-mod 1 As MA79A but with tone/dc convertor LA255
MA79B As MA79A but with external 1 mhz standard
MA79D Universal Transmitter without modulation
MA79E As MA79A modified for Royal Navy
MA79G As MA79A but with facilities for MA175 & MA 202
MA79H As MA97G but with MA284 fitted
RA98A ISB Adaptor with AFC
RA98B North American version
RA98B-1 RA98B modified for all American Plugs,Valves,Sockets
RA98C Broadcast Version of RA98B
RA98C-1 RA98C modified to fit Receiver Terminal RA133
RA98D ISB/SSB Adaptor
RA98E RA98D Adapted for use with the RA217
RA98F RA98A adapted for use with RA317 for Royal Air Force
RA117 HF receiver with 1.6 mhz IF
RA117A-1 RA117A modified with American plugs and valves
RA117A-2 Ra117A modified for use with MA282/RA66B
RA17C Broadcast version without crystal bandwidths
RA117C-1 RA117 modified for use with RA220B
RA117C-2 RA117C modified for use with RA133A
RA117D special for RA167. Replaced with RA273
RA117E Royal Navy Version for RA220
RA117F Swedish version of RA117A
RA117Q HF receiver double tuned RF and 60 khz if bandwidth. North American version
RA117Q-2 British version of RA117Q
RA117R As RA117Q but with 100 khz if centered on 100khz
RA117S Special for GCHQ Tewkesbury ref Tx
RA121A 100 khz ISB Adaptor
RA121B 100 khz ISB Adaptor North American version
RA121C 465khz ISB Adaptor
RA137A 10-980 khz LF converter with tuned calibrated input for use with RA17 series
RA137B As RA137A North American Version
RA137C As RA137A modified for use with RA78E
RA137D As RA137B modified with RA78F
MA197A HF receiver pre selection and protection unit 2-30 mhz
MA197B-1 As MA197A for Royal Air Force
MA197B-2 AS MA197A for use with RA133 and general commercial applications
MA197B-3 As MA197B but for Dutch Navy
MA197C Modified MA197B-1 for use with RA17/117 and RA217/1217
RA217A Transistorised HF Communications Receiver
RA217B As RA217A but for use with MA329B
RA217C RA217 for use it RTA382
RA217D For use in assembly RA329B
RA217Q RA217 with 100khz IF filter based on 100 khz
RA217R RA217 with 11 inch front panel. Military version
RA218 ISB Adaptor with fine tuning and 100Khz input. (RA117)
RA220 RA117E/MA218/MA150E/MA197B
RA220B RA117C-1/MA150G/MA197B/RA218A
RA220C RA1127/RA218/MA79/MA250B
RA220D RA117E/RA218/MA97B fitted in 6ft rack assembly with desk unit
RA222A/G/M 1-8 Channel transistorised receiver ssb/am/cw 12 or 24V
RA222B As above but with squelch unit
RA222C As RA222A/G/M but with remote control unit
RA222D as above with squelch unit added

Thats it for now.... I will add to the list when I get a bit more time.

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