RA1205 Single Channel HF Receiver.


The RA1205 is a transistorized hf receiver covering 1.6 to 24Mhz.They would usually be mounted in a MA606 mainframe which would be able to mount up to eight units.These would be powered by a PU1150 mains power unit.Each receiver is crystal controlled with a crystal oven to ensure stability.Each receiver could be fitted with filters suitable for AM,USB,LSB and FSK reception.A fine tune control was also fitted.

Various Models.

RA1205/A DA39934/A Basic receiver not equipped with mode filters , crystals.
RA1205/A DA39935/A Single channel receiver for AM/CW with 7 Khz bandwidth
RA1205/B DA39935/B As DA39935/A but with 12 khz filter
RA1205/C DA39935/C Equipped for AM/CW with 1.2 Khz filter
RA1205/A DA39936/A Equipped for USB/CW
RA1205/A DA39937/A Equipped for LSB/CW
RA1205/A DA39938/A Equipped for FSK/CW with 1.2 Khz bandwidth ( Standard)
RA1205/B DA39938/B Equipped for FSK/CW with 500 Hz Bandwidth
RA1205/C DA39938/C Equipped for FSK/CW with 1.2 Khz bandwidth and BFO offset crystal
RA1205 DA39941/1-8 Framework assembled with up to 8 x RA1205. Framework MA606/A
RA1205 DA39941/9-12 Framework assembled with up to 4 x RA1205 Framework MA606/B

Updated 05/03/2002

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