MA259 Frequency Standard


MA259 Precision Frequency Standard.

The MA259 is a useful bit of kit in its own right,giving very accurate outputs of 5mhz,1mhz,and 100khz at about 1V rms into 50ohm.

These frequencies are derived from a 5 mhz crystal oscillator which is fitted in to a proportionally controlled oven.It is made up from two units the, PU525 power unit which may be fitted with rechargeable batteries (21, so be warned if you have to replace them !) incase of mains failiure,and the SA500 oscillator unit.

A dial and a rotary switch enable the various outputs and oscillator temperatures to be monitored.

This unit could be found with a number of RACAL equipment configurations.

Various models.

MA259E Admiralty shipborne version on MA259
MA259F Admiralty shore version of MA259
MA259G RAF version of MA259
MA259H Admiralty Frequency Standard ( Portable Version)

Updated 05/03/2002

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