MA141 HF distortion Indication Unit.

MA141 front panel

The MA141,shown above (minus its handles) is for use with the MA79 HF Drive Unit ,amongst others,and was used to determine the overall distortion of SSB and ISB transmissions.

Technical specifications.

Range 1.0MHZ to 30MHZ
Range Of Distortion Measurement -20 to -40 db to within 2db
Output Level to TX 1mw into 600 ohms (balanced)
R.F Input Level From TX 5v into 50 ohms at peak power
Test Signal 1.6 khz modulated to 95% by 250 hz
Power requirements 100-125v and 200-250v ac 45-65 hz
Power Consumption 10 va approx

Internal views

MA!41 inside topMA141 inside bottom

Close up of the front panel meter

MA141 meter close up

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