This page has info on the various modifications to the RA17

Racal’s modifications for the RA17 receiver.

Below is a list of modifications as produced by Racal for the RA17 series of receivers.

Leaflet Number Classification Details Models Date
M17/1 All Models n.1 to n.3093 Removes HT form C129 All RA17L  
M17/2 Recommended Isolation of HT voltage fro plug P.L.5 RA17 N.1 to N.2665  
M17/3 Recommended Fitting of mechanical stop to aerial tuning capacitor. RA17 all models n1 to N2665  
M17/4 Recommended Increase in rating of R133 RA17 all models N1 to N2699  
M17/5 Recommended Fitting of fuse in HT Negative Line RA17 all models N1 to N2665  
M17/6 Recommended Added protection to mod M17/1 RA17 all models N1 to N7039  
M17/7 Recommended Reduces RX noise factor above 25MHZ, increases audio response on 13 KHZ BW RA17L S/N 2999,3000,3094 to 3757 incl  
M17/8 Recommended Improved fixing of Brake Shoes on locking mechanism RA17 all models N1 to N6519  
M17/9 Recommended Elimination of spurious response at 26MHZ RA17 all models S/N n3094 to N7200 and N7301 to N7316  
M17/10 Recommended changes of fuses FS1 and FS2 RA17  
M17/11 Special Order Modification of RA17L for use with MA350A or MA1350A RA17L  
M17/12 Special Order Modification of RA17C-12 for use with MA1350A RA17-C12  
M17/13-M117/4 Customer Request Modification to AGC system on RA17, RA117 for re-broadcast work RA17/RA117 all models  
M17/14 On failure Reduction of arcing on switch S5A RA17 all versions  
M17/15 On failure Replacement of obsolete AGC delay diode RA17  
M17/16 On failure Replacement of obsolete Neosid RF Transformer. RA17A/L  
M17/17 On failure Replacement of 6F33 V4 with 6AS6 RA17L ( non north American models)  
M17/18 On failure Fitting of metal clad resistors in R119A,R124 and R136 positions RA17  
M17/19 On failure Replacement of obsolete 32+32 uf Capacitor C198/C206 RA17  

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