MA935 AC Power Supply

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MA935 AC Power Supply Unit and Loudspeaker.

I don't have too much info on the MA935 at the moment other than it will supply 24/28V at a current suitable for driving a TRA931 and MA940B Linear Amplifier with out any problems.

It also has an audio amplifier built in and makes the use of the TRA931/MA940B combination a pleasure in a fixed station setup.The large two pin Amphenol socket supplies power at 28V for the MA940B and either of the two six pin sockets will supply the TRA931. Audio is also taken from these sockets and is amplified and fed to the front panel speaker. I don't yet know the rating of this amplifier but it is loud.!

Comparing this unit with the other PSU's available for the tactical gear I would guess that it was intended for workshop and test use rather than use in the "Front Line" , but I stand to be corrected.


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