AVO CT160 Valve Tester

Avo CT 160 Valve Tester

A valve tester is a very desirable piece of kit to have if you have a liking for radios that "glow in the dark".It is useful to be able to check a valves performance if you suspect a fault on a set and of course a periodic check can be made to see if your valves are still up to spec. Then , best of all, you can go through that box of valves you picked up cheap to see if any of them actually still work..!

AVO CT160 valve testerct160 in case

A general view of the CT160 on the left with a view of the same unit closed up on the right.

A technical description and operation of the CT160 is a bit involved and here is not really the place to try to do so.Suffice to say the CT160 has 20 valve bases and 3 special bases so that a large variety of devices may be tested.If you do happen to stumble upon one of these units and wish to obtain it you will need the "Valve Data" book that goes with it . This book gives full details on how to use the unit but, more importantly , gives the data for a huge number of devices which is needed to tell if the device is within spec. I understand that in the UK there is a supplier who sells copies of this book.


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